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Commonly Asked Questions

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What vehicles can you charge at your stations?

We have the ability to charge all CCS and NACS charging compatible vehicles. This includes most models available on the market currently! We have partnered with charging station providers who will be providing NACS ports for our stations in addition to all current CCS.

How are you "energy independent"?

PowerUp America has a unique offering to the EV charging industry by striving to have energy independent charging stations. We do this by working on select sites to attach solar with battery backup. This allows us to utilize the energy of the sun to power our vehicles all day/night. In times of power outages or weather emergencies affecting the grid, we can remain online and keep our drivers on the roads.

Why choose PowerUp America

PowerUp America has EV drivers best interest in mind. We interviewed thousands of EV drivers to identify the current gaps in charging infrastructure. Our sites will have covered, pull-through charging with clean restrooms and snack options available. We know drivers don't want to wait in the rain in big retail chain parking lots, so we have a design that proves a new standard for EV drivers.

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