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PowerUp Aero

At PowerUp America, we not only support the roadways, but are also leading the charge in the electrification of the skies. In partnership with other industry leaders, we are providing a full service energy solutions to regional airports to open the gateway to the future of regional mobility.

Our Aviation


We are working with Lincoln Electric and other partners to develop the future of regional mobility. From freight to passenger transport, we are looking to develop a network of sustainable transportation portals to promote the future of aviation. Our vision is to grow educational opportunities at these sites, which will in turn promote job creation and economic development in each region.


In December 2023, PowerUp America joined the ReconnecTN initiative, created with our partner Whisper Aero. This furthers our goals in working to develop a regional network of aircraft chargers to foster the growth in the EV aviation space. Our vision for this lies beyond just adding a charging station, but providing energy solutions to cater to the individual needs of each host and providing stability to the local grid while providing financial benefit to the airport.


Watch the TN Announcement

More Than A Theory

The skies are electric! We are excited to be working with our partners to bring the concept of eVTOL and eCTOL solutions to reality. PowerUp's charging network will open a network for testing and ultimately sustainable, affordable, and considerate regional mobility.

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